We are two young entreprenuers who have developed our own website. The website is about comments posted on youtube channels, so the main idea is;

1. You can see the top liked youtube comments on your youtube channel which will help you develop your content in line with the most supported comments.

2. You can have a general overview about your subscribers’ comments which will lead you to see the big cake.

3. Since youtube has become very competitve, you can see the top comments of other youtube channels as well. Just to underscore that you will not see a video’s top comments but the entire channel’s.

4. You can view the entire comments of a certain subscriber has made on youtube which will enable you to deeply understand what your top subscribers are fond of.

Firstly we more than welcome any idea that you want us to develop. We strongly believe that the website is worth to take a visit. To see the best comments in your videos and to make more content about it, go to

Enjoy your journey on our website!

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